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Part Number: 224578

This is ProSpeed's standard light bar mount, it cannot be fitted alongside the Land Rover raised air intake however it is compatible with the Safari snorkel.

  • Tubular protection light mounting bar for the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4.
  • Mounts into existing holes on the A-pillar under the plastic trim. Two holes require enlarging by approx. 1mm.
  • Adjustable tilt angle.
  • Optimum mounting position just above the top of the windscreen
  • Designed to fit Lazer Lamps (road legal solution) but has a number of pre-drilled holes to work with any light setup.
  • Mounted as close to the roof line ass possible for reduced wind noise.
  • It doesn’t increase the height of the vehicle above the standard or extended roof rails.
  • Compatible with or without the ProSpeed roof rack.
  • Plug and play – direct into the standard Land Rover lighting stalk plug. No splicing looms, no scotch locks. No tools required.
  • Shaped to exactly fit the Discovery 3 and 4.
  • Routed so there’s no need to drill any holes or cut out any plastic or panels.
  • Fits LHD and RHD vehicles.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Abrasion resistant covering where required.
  • Thin ribbon loom down a-pillar to prevent the trim popping off.
  • Takes power direct from the battery.
  • Entirely solid state – no relays nor moving parts to wear out or go wrong.
  • Self resetting fuses – all the protection with none of the hassle. If there’s a problem, the fuses will blow to protect the circuit. But when the problem is fixed the circuit will re-connect automatically.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Compatible with LED, HID and normal lamps.
  • Switching is compatible with normal 12v vehicle systems and also CN bus systems including diagnostic circuits and power-saving circuits. This massively simplifies wiring in a modern vehicle where CAN bus systems have both power saving and diagnostic pulses which make it impossible to wire auxiliary lamps to them.
  • Completely isolated from the CAN bus circuits , meaning no damage or faults can occur in expensive body control modules of modern cars.
  • Runs 4x roof lamps on two circuits , 2x bumper lamps and DRLs, 4x work lamps on two separate circuits.
  • Switching for forward facing lamps is – Off, On with main beam, On permanently

Specific ProSpeed accessories, Here!

  1. ProSpeed light bar mount only – 240€
  2. ProSpeed light bar mount with two Lazer ST-8 or Triple-R 1000 LED spotlights (includes wiring loom and control module) – 1750€
  3. ProSpeed light bar mount with four Lazer ST-4 or Triple-R 750 LED Spotlights (includes wiring loom and control module) – 1950€
  4. ProSpeed light bar mount with two Lazer ST-8 or Triple-R 1000 and two Lazer ST-4 or Triple-R 750 LED Spotlights (includes wiring loom and control module) – 2300€

Every set-up we offer is road legal using Lazer’s E11 approved driving beams. Please state which lights you’d like when ordering.

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