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The opening of the tent is automatically operated in lest than 5 seconds thanks to 2 ALKOS toggle jacks, assembled on kneecaps operating linked arms and protected by a canvas cover.
The closing is operated in less than 15 seconds by a unique person. A bilt in rubber band incorporated to the canvas keep it retracted in the hard shell during the closing.

Hard shells

Manufactured of fiberglass fortified polyester, the bottom hard shell has planned spaces to hold the aluminium ladder;

This ergonomic ladder is slidding in order to fit to the size of the vehicle and is shipped with a storage cover. (See picture at bottom)

2  entry vents equiped with dust filters improve the air circulation inside the tent.
The top hard shell, also made of fiberglass fortified polyester is kit out with a spoiler in order to improve the penetration in the air.
The closing  of the hard shell is performed by 2  made to mesure anchorpoints that fit onto a guaranteed locking system.

All the bolting is stainless steel, 2  aluminium rails set into the bottom hard shell  and 6  fastening flanges guarantee  the fixation to the vehicle's roof  with 8M screwthread  bolding and self locking nuts.
luggage rack : The luggages are set in a rectangle space moulded in the top hardshell and are fastened with straps secured by 6 points of anchoring.
You can operate the hardshell even with  55 lb load inside the luggage rack.


Darl grey canvas made of 6 aluminized coats that reflect the sun's rays, UV resistant, 100% waterproof, but allow the air to circulate.
All seams are doubled et 100% watertight.
The canvas is fixed on  built in wire cable into aluminium  slides bent towards the outside  of the hard shells (in order to avoid infiltrations),   for an easier dismantle or for an extra storage on the roof.

All of the openning are with an eave to protect from the rain. (see picture). Inside, a high density foam mattress is provided with a heavy duty  zipped cover. Dimensions: 140 x 198 cm ( 55,10" x 78" )
2 removable pockets  and a storage net on the ceiling.


The indoor lighting is provided by a rechargeable  torch with 220 volts and 12 volts  supplied plugs.
Design to be tough   with a  belt clip, it is esay to store.
15 led (light emitting diod) high intensity light and a focussing reflector allow a lighting with optimal brightness.
This torch has an unbreakable  polycarbonate lens and a level of charge indicator.


An automatic and silent  MCV (motorized controlled ventilation) is supplied by a 24 hours life  battery wich  can be recharged by an integrated  solar panel kit. This MCV has a capacity of 11.6 M3 / mn   (2905 UK gal/mn) and prevent from all condensation and drain off the stored  heat  to avoid moisture and mould. A second propeller with reverse blades is supplied to act as a fan. The exchange of blades  is performed from the inside of the tent.






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